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    Marguerite Cole



    Driving innovation via technology requires we identify and manage the impact on people and their business processes. While I was at Xerox, while I was focused on selling high-speed printers. I connected with the customer need to decrease the cost of customer acquisition. The connection was utilizing the power of color and variable data to create 1-1 marketing collateral that resulted in an increased response rate. At Microsoft we empower people to achieve more. There is a difference between doing more and achieving more. Customer challenges are not about upgrading technology or taking advantage of a new capability. It is about increasing productivity and competitive advantage, transforming business processes to increase customer acquisition, or optimizing costs to surface reinvestment dollars. Technology alone does not suffice. I focus on advocating the end-to-end solution that considers the adoption of the technology into the business processes, user experience, and enabling IT to manage and govern a new environment designed to meet the business needs of the organizations. A common thread in all my career moves, is the focus on understanding how to accelerate company growth and the utilization of technology innovation as an enabler.


    Help customers get tangible business value from solutions
    Start Date
    Wednesday, 19 May 2021, 02:00 PM EST
    45 Minutes
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    Panel Discussion
    Solutions vs Implementations