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    Asif Rehmani



    Asif focus is on coaching individuals and companies on their digital adoption and change management efforts. He truly believes that when people understand the WIIFM (What is in It for Me) and how their actions help others around them, they are willing to make the behaviour change and adopt the new processes and technologies. Since 2002, he has been personally focused on training, mentoring, writing and speaking at conferences around the world. Along the way, he had the opportunity to author 3 books with Wiley publications, create 100s of instructional videos and contribute articles and interviews to many publications such as CMS Wire, eLearning Industry and Redmond Mag. In 2018, he was awarded CMS Wire’s contributor of the year. he has been fortunate to be awarded the Microsoft MVP award every year since 2007 for his contributions to the community.

    Traditional training for employees has never really worked. Do employees even want to be trained? What is in it for them? The reality is that employees want to be helped at their moment-of-need instead of trained ahead of time and expected to remember what they need to know later. Come to this session and I will show you examples of how helping is better than training for employees. Helping people at their moment of need converts employees into productive knowledge workers.


    Collaboration, Communication: Stop Training and Start Helping
    Start Date
    Tuesday, 17 Nov. 2020, 12:45 PM | EST
    45 Minutes
    Session Type
    Tech Talk