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    Denise Mendez



    Denise Mendez is a solution oriented cross-functional systems engineer, leading strategy, driving solutions, creating value, and engineering in the gaps, with proven track record of unlocking simple solutions within complex systems. Strategically minded and proven in tactical execution using technical depth, product lifecycle experience, and deep listening skills to break out the interdepartmental win-win solutions. Expert in architecting, scaling, building, and deploying complex hardware, software, and cloud systems from inception to launch in any vertical. Beyond work as a lead systems engineer at Magicleap, Denise has built end-to-end telemetry business intelligence systems, worked as a solution engineer for Spatial Computing in the education sector and spent extensive time travelling to build Global Supply Chain engineering systems. Denise learned enough Mandarin and Portuguese to help understand and work through cultural differences and boundaries. Denise has taken calculated risks and was rewarded with an internship at Kennedy Space Center while working on the International Space Station, a Mission to Mars prototype, witnessed 3 shuttle launches, and signed off on one! Denise excels in roles that are dynamic and cross functional. Experienced at working with diverse teams at all layers of the product life cycle and enjoys challenges that come with working with complex systems and people.


    Emerging World in Mixed Reality and Spatial Computing
    Start Date
    Thursday, 20 May 2021, 10:30 AM EST
    45 Minutes
    Session Type
    Tech Talk