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    Kevin Coleman



    Kevin Coleman is a seasoned professional with over 30-years focusing on forecasting and identifying the implications of emerging technology. During his career, he has worked for industry leaders such as Deloitte, CSC and Internet icon Netscape where he was Chief Strategist. He has testified before the U.S. Congress and Congressional committees, spoke at the United Nations and briefed the U.S. military and the Intelligence community on issues and opportunities related to emerging technologies. He is regularly published in The Quantum Daily (TQD) – a leading online resource dedicated exclusively to Quantum Computing. His quantum technology training program has had nearly 3,500 professionals participate in the last year and his webinar on Strategic Innovation-Keeping Pace with Change has had nearly 25,000 attendees.

    Quantum technology has surged onto the technology scene lately even though it has been a subject of ongoing research for some time. The reason, it’s simple. Commercial applications and business opportunities have come into focus and some are even available today. Given the current state of quantum in the technology development lifecycle, it is increasingly important for professionals in business, technology and government service, to gain a basic understanding of the quantum revolution and the 16-subbornate technologies that make up this growing movement. This presentation will paint a clear picture where we are today and where we will likely go in the near-term.


    The Dawn of the Quantum Revolution
    Start Date
    Tuesday, 17 Nov. 2020, 11:15 AM | EST
    75 Minutes
    Session Type
    Tech Talk
    Communication, Machine Learning