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    Michai Mathieu Morin

    Revolution Microelectronics


    Michai grew up with an extreme fascination of the hard sciences and a strong appreciation for beautifully crafted things. Diagnosed with High Functioning Asperger’s as a young teen helped him make sense of his fascination of quantum mechanics, astronomy, optics, history, engineering, and artificial intelligence. When he was not reading, he was taking objects apart to observe how they operated. Breaking down objects of function and then rebuilding them provided him with insight as to how things function and opened his eyes to new types of analysis. Today, Michai is a consultant who provides individualized advisory for the aerospace and tech sectors regarding market strategy, first principals thinking, trend assessments, and product innovation. He also advises legislators on policy initiatives regarding the critical importance of automation preparedness and warns of the risks of hyper-automation. Michai presents for virtual summits and conferences pertaining to tech trends, AI, automation, and Futurism. As a strategic liaison he provides executives, officials, and clients support in strengthening intellectual collaboration across various markets. Michai is also a published writer and internationally recognized digital artist whose topics cover everything from social issues to disruptive technologies.


    The Age of Automation: The Importance of Social and Market Preparation
    Start Date
    Wednesday, 19 May 2021, 12:30 PM EST
    45 Minutes
    Session Type
    Tech Talk
    Internet of Things, Machine Learning, RPA