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    Paige Lord



    Paige is a Senior Business Program Manager at Microsoft in the Cloud and Artificial Intelligence group, and a fierce advocate for amplifying female thought leadership in technology, finance, and business. Empowered with a degree in Communication and determined tenacity, Paige began her journey with Microsoft in 2013 as a Consultant and forged a path to Program Management by identifying inefficient business processes, deconstructing and re-building them to provide more efficient, consistent business impact.

    Paige is a master’s Candidate at Harvard University, writing her thesis on the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Privacy Law, with a special focus on Facial Recognition Technology in the hands of US Law Enforcement. In her spare time Paige enjoys running, boating on the lake, petting other people’s dogs, drinking coffee, spending time with friends, and running her mini fashion-focused Instagram account. Paige resides in Charlotte, North Carolina and plans to stay here as long as the sunshine holds out.


    The Cost of Possibility: Ethical Considerations for AI in a Rapidly Changing World
    45 Minutes
    Session Type
    Tech Talk
    Artificial Intelligence