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    Pooja Sund



    Pooja Sund is an achievement-oriented finance and technology leader with solid credentials (Gold medalist and 2 times CFO Award winner). She has 15+ years of global experience in setting the vision, and ability to execute on that vision by leading teams. An enthusiastic leader with deep technical and financial experience & proven ability to lead high-performing teams, build strong relationships, foster efficiency, and create an impact, Pooja is the recipient of Highest Award for Leadership 2018, Dale Carnegie’s “Advanced Leadership Program”. She loves to make an impact by utilizing her brand of 3 P: Passion for Technology, Data analytics, Leadership and Business intelligence; Power to believe in herself and others, power to keep ideating, fix things, create clarity, generate positive energy in teams; and lead People and teams to be successful.
    Currently working as Director, Engineering and Finance (Principal PM) at Microsoft’s Core Finance Engineering group. Prior to this role, she spent almost 5 years working as Director, Data Analytics and Technology in Microsoft’s Internal audit group. Her personal Quote is “Strive for Excellence, never be satisfied with the second best”. Pooja’s mantra in life: “Be Bold, Be Brave, and Be Yourself”. She is a Board member at Pacific Northwest’s Seattle University and co-leading Women@Microsoft employee resource group (24K members).
    Pooja is a strategy consultant, coach, mentor, STEM volunteer, and keynote speaker (with deep experience in virtual presentations) who has worked with customers including FBI, Pepsi, Coca Cola, USPS Inspector General, Other federal IG’s, IIA National and regional chapters in US and Canada, many financial banks in US and Latin America, LATAM Finance Ministries,, and with many other national and international customers. She has received many presentation awards in the last 2 decades and on a journey to learn it all. For speaking engagements, reach out to her on LinkedIn as she often shares posts on topics like Data Analytics, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Leadership, Management Excellence, Digital Transformation, Personal Branding, Strategic Thinking, etc.


    The Future of Leadership : Automation, Machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence
    Start Date
    Wednesday, 19 May 2021, 04:00 PM | EST
    45 Minutes
    Session Type
    Tech Talk