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    Tiffany Campbell



    Tiffany Campbell is the President of Equilibria LLC, a consulting firm that specializes in assisting ISV’s build their presence in the channel without adding headcount by means of better integrations, furthering partner relationships and creating a stronger social media platform. She was previously the Vice President for Business Development in Bean Works. Tiffany has worked with various sales and management profiles since the past 20 years, with a specialization in identifying, nurturing, and securing new business opportunities.

    Beyond AP Automation – Freeing the Data Capture Engine for The Enterprise. Overview. The interesting thing about AP automation is that it has been the only focus for vendors offering data capture and automation solutions in the mid-market ERP space. Interesting, but odd. Interesting because Accounts Payable (AP) automation takes money out of your bank account faster. I know that is a tongue in cheek simplification because of all the benefits derived from AP automation. Still, the point is, why not bring the data capture and automation tools to bear on much more important transactions? For example, why not speed up the customer order entry function? In the world of Amazon same-day shipping expectations, it would make logical sense that improving customer delivery would be the number one priority. Moderated by Debbie DeHart, JRG Concepts


    Beyond AP Automation – Data Capture
    Start Date
    Tuesday, 17 Nov. 2020, 04:15 PM | EST
    45 Minutes
    Session Type
    Tech Talk